"Helping take some of the difficulty out of moving to one of the most beautiful places on the planet."

We Has Always Wanted To Live Somewhere Else In The World…

..and so, we decided to give it a shot.ourstory

We had traveled to many countries ahead of our move to New Zealand; but every trip gave us just a ‘taste’ of a culture or lifestyle. At this stage in our life of no mortgage, children, or other responsibilities, we decided to act on our impulses capsiplex warning. In April 2002, we began to sell off practically everything we owned and move to a little country we had never really given any thought to until seeing Lord of the Rings. We stayed for 16 months and had the time of our lives. Read our memories by hitting the button below.

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Ready To Move? Got Everything? Check Out Our List!

movingtoEver moved to another country before? We hadn’t. New Zealand has its interesting differences from other places out there — so we thought Virility Pills we might share a few things we recommend bringing ahead of time.

Just trust us on the hot sauce.

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Thank you for helping us make the move to New Zealand. We're now "living the dream" in Wellington and loving every moment.

- Mary Ross

What To Bring?

Probably the biggest question we receive is what you should bring with you to New Zealand! Use this updated list for a general idea of what's helpful when moving down under.

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